Centis Menant

Designer. Prototyper. Illustrator.

From France —


Go all in on your project.

Project: Tacktable  •  Role: Product Designer

Collaborate online in an unique workspace. Project manager or Freelance, TackTable allows you to meet people with great idea and to work with them.


Create a city for audiovisual creators

Project: Metropolis  •  Role: UI / UX Designer

Metropolis works on an associative model and help the creators of series or movies it welcomes, within its capabilities, offering equipment, advices and assistance.


Create a Google Fonts Pairing Tool

Project: Midnight Runner  •  Role: Designer & Developer

The Midnight Runner is a fun project of font pairing using Google Font content. The value for you: find inspiration, create your own font combinations and discover the unknown fonts of Google Font.
NOTE: press "A" on the website ;).


Play hard. Learn easy.

Project: SPARTED  •  Role: Product Designer

SPARTED offers companies & organizations the ultimate mobile learning game platform for daily training. Users complete daily series of questions, training courses and battles, earn points, badges and progress for the top-ranking.


Understand the duty payment

Project: Affrenchy  •  Role: Lead Designer & Illustrator

We worked with the French government (DGDDI) for conceiving a mobile prototype. The goal was to know, for anyone, how much he must pay a duty for a product bought out of France.


Find the best job, at the best place

Project: Dooock  •  Role: Illustrator

Dooock offers jobs in French regions with an environment thought for you. You will love working there.


Discover the networks of your city

Project: Dans ma ville (In my town)  •  Role: Illustrator & UX Designer

In my town is a web school project built in 2 weeks. Our objective was to get kids discovering and understanding the various commodity networks within a city, through four experiences : water, electricity, wastewater & waste.


From Golden Age to Marvel now

Project: Ultimate 75th  •  Role: UI / UX Designer & Integrator

In 2014, Marvel turns 75 and we celebrated it with a dataviz. Thanks to the API proposed by Marvel, we used data to show, year by year, many anecdotes about heroes and series.


Concept Design and many freebies

Project: Assist my Designer  •  Role: Author

This is a personal project thought to assist designers in their work. Shared resources were created by myself and can be used in any way, freely.